live with Skinny Puppy

19. August 2005 – Zeche Bochum

This was a surprise concert and the last one for nearly a decade

Anyway, first it was time for tonight’s opening act, The Fair Sex. The band around vocalist Myk Jung is itself a German Electro/Goth legend that has left its mark on the German underground scene since 1984 with hits like “No Excuse” or “Not Now Not Here”. The Fair Sex entered the stage and front man Myk just stated laconically “We thought Skinny Puppy could do with a support here in Bochum, so we volunteered” – and then hell break lose! They started with “Cyberbite” from their 1994 album “Labyrinth” and a nice best of-set followed.

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The Fair Sex 05





The Fair Sex 06


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