THE FAIR SEX was founded in late 1984 in Essen, Germany. Their original line-up existed until the 10th of September 1988:

L’O (guitar)
Myk (voice)
Blonder (keyboards)
A.Bang (drums)
Rascal (bass/vox)

Originally THE FAIR SEX was a band of exclusively hand-made music with no synths, sequencers, drum machine etc. Throughout the years, electronic particles in their sound grew stronger. THE FAIR SEX then found their own, quite unique way to combine guitars and electronics, mingling EBM and Gothic, Wave and Rock elements. Already in their early phase (1985) they gave first concerts and launched some underground hits (such as „Bushman“) in local clubs.

In 1986 they discovered the theorem of The Black Anger – which somewhat became their ideology. In 1987 they released their first maxi-singles „Divine Service“ (March) and „Bushman“ (October) followed up in February 1988 by „The House Of Unkinds“, their debut-album (all Last Chance Records).

During 1988, the TFS-sound grew darker and more aggressive – finally resulting in the gloomy album „Demented Forms“, their second album (produced by Ramon Creutzer). This dark opus was being planned to be released in November 1988, but the death of A. Bang on the 10th of September in 1988, on stage in Augsburg, brought about a sudden break in the band-history – signifying the end of THE FAIR SEX’s first phase. 1989 marked the beginning of a long search for new identity, and the whole year of 1990 was devoted to this search as well.

In 1991 finally the return of TFS was launched – with the release of two full-length-albums („Bite Release Bite“ and „Oddities“) and two MCDs („Alaska/ Outraged And Moved“ and „Toys“). All these pieces were produced by Trik3 for Our Choice Records. Moreover THE FAIR SEX gave numerous, still well remembered concerts.

In 1992 the album “Spell Of Joy“ and two more MCDs were released. Afterwards THE FAIR SEX made a break which lasted more than one year in order to work exclusively on Testify, the Industrial Metal side project. The line up here is completed by TFS live sound engineer Mathias Black, guitar player Moses W. and, shortly afterwards, guitar player Kullv.

In 1994/1995 TFS returned with „Labyrinth“, a Big Cyber Opera, an impressive Fantasy-work of despair and hope and with the new live-crew (Moses W., guitar/ Lydia, guitar / Miss Bliss, vocals, Stefan Kaiser, keyboards). After the tour in 1995 THE FAIR SEX split. The members started to work exclusively on side-projects such as Nice Gods Bleed, 1 AM and Testify.

In 1999 the original members came together again. First demo-takes were gathered on „Under Unveiled Sun“, an unreleased mini-album. In 2000 first test-gig-activities were celebrated, and finally in 2001 THE FAIR SEX had their real live-comeback (Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig).

The festival appearance at Herbstnaechte in Glauchau 2001 was followed by intense working on new songs. Headquarter of the productions then was Mathias Black’s Killing Sound Research studio. In winter 2001/2002 Testify guitar player Kullv joined the inner circle of TFS musicians.

In 2002 the MCD „Lost Traces Of The Far Side“ and the album „TFS“ were published on the newly founded label ENDLESS RECORDS. The Fair Sex presented their new material very successfully on the „Festival Of Light & Darkness 2002“-tour with Girls Under Glass in April and during the „Legends United II“-Tour with The Invincible Spirit and Psyche in September of that year.

In early 2003 the MCD „Get Out Off My Head“ was being released. The first part of a best of compilation entitled „Thin Walls – Part I“ was released in June 2003. „Thin Walls-Part I“ takes us back to the early Nineties, for its selection is based on the three classical TFS works „Bite Release Bite“ (1991), „Spell Of Joy“ (1992) and „Labyrinth“ (1995) which have been no longer available for years. It also includes a fresh, unreleased track and rare videos.

2003/2004: During various festivals (GothAM, Amsterdam / Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (headliner position)) and single shows the band presented their timeless classical songs as well as the new material with impressing performances. The enlarged live-crew, acting in a kind of rotation, now also included Lawrence (guitar) and again Lydia (bassguitar). The M’era Luna-Festival gig 2004 proved the quality of the new live line up.

THE FAIR SEX and THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT started a cooperation in summer 2004: As THE INVINCIBLE SEX the bands released a first self titled mini album, released in autumn 2004. At the same time both bands‘ greatest hits-albums were published (THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT „Anthology“ and THE FAIR SEX „Thin Walls – Part II“). The 2nd part of THE FAIR SEX’s Best-Of celebrated their 20 years anniversary with the gathering of the three first albums „The House Of Unkinds“ (1988), „Demented Forms“ (1989) and „Oddities“ (1986-89).

In Spring 2005 THE INVINCIBLE SEX premier live performance took place at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

During the recent years the TFS members have been involved in several other projects. Rascal has been busy with his band Rotersand. Myk was member of the Industrial Metal band Schuldt and released a ballad album in 2006; moreover he has appeared as guest singer for various bands and has been focussed on his work as author. („The Lord Of The Earrings, „The Hoppnit“.)

In May 2013 Myk discovered numerous old videotapes in his archive, which were digitalized by UnArt TV and thus their content was saved from utter decay. The first result of this activity is the DVD „First Night Of Darkness“, presenting a TFS-gig at a September 1991-festival with bands such as Pink Turns Blue, Project Pitchfork and In The Nursery. Moreover some very old audio-tapes were rediscovered and digitalized; and so the CD „Unreleased & Rarities“ will be published in November 2013.

The year 2014 is quite significant for the band: it marks the 30th anniversary of the The Fair Sex.